Simple Truth

30 04 2010
good morning world

good morning world

Woke up right as a pretty colored well lit dream ended, to a nice good morning s.m.s. just arriving on my phone, kicked off the covers to find the room temperature perfectly tuned, took a sneak peak through the window to find the weather brightfully sunny with a touch of chill, all this as a scent was sneaking into my senses implying a baked breakfast….
Life is beautiful, just look for the simplicity of beauty…. and enjoy the beauty of simplicity…
Good morning to you all…

People are strange.. when you’re even stranger!

29 04 2010
noha wagih

hey there, stranger

“I don’t judge” they say as they brand and categorize you.

“I don’t like to interfere” they state as they meddle in everyone’s business.

“I don’t repeat a secret” they claim right before they finish the sentence with…

“but you have no idea what she/he just told me…”

“I am a very spiritual person” they allege as they copy and paste a facebook status from a bestselling alternative publishing they supposedly read.

“I am a free thinker, steering away from classical thought” they declare as they brand you, meddle in your business, spread your secrets while pasting this on their facebook status from a best selling alternative bestseller they supposedly read.

Aren’t people the strangest thing?!

Exit World of Humans

21 04 2010

One of my favorite pics

Isnt it hard to exist in this world of humans? A creature born so vain and in denial, that all the stories of destructed civilizations are justified. Its so easy to fall, so easy to break so easy run away. So easy to love oneself from the attention and protection of divine beings. So easy to take for granted. Oh dear creature of the earth, do not walk in vain for the justice of the skies will take you by surprise. Turn your back to the gifts granted to you and your world will no longer be yours, it will turn you into a slave to its whims, and you will have no control over your actions and, sadly, your dimensionless reactions. Dear worldly creature, you will suffer for your thankless gifts, your heartless ingratitude, and your mindless existence.

Why didn’t you allow your soul to ride on your angel’s wings and soar up to the sky to see the world under for what it really is? The world under.

So sad to see you tossed and turned in the waves of life’s ocean with no apparent hope of rescue. So sad to see you drown in your mistakes and misjudgments. So sad to hear your cries of help after your deafness to our offerings of self sacrifice. Dear lost soul, it is so late, it is too late for us to give you what you need. You have always needed it, but your vanity has blocked our path. Now when you realize what you have always yearned and searched for, our well of faith has dried off. Nothing more to give. For how easy it is for thirst to be cured by endless waters, but somewhere along the way, you have lost your path and route, and you are now alone in a desert of loneliness. So sad dear lost soul, for the path to the desert was your choice and yours alone. You have given us your back and your false pride on your faulty compassed journey. We have begged and tried to reason, we have pulled you by the hair and the soul, but you have not only walked away, you ran. Towards your destruction. You have made the choice dear soul, and now, you will face your fate. Accept it, it is all you have left.

How do these “blog situations” work?

19 04 2010
noha wagih


I woke up a couple of years ago and decided I was famous.

(Sentence self critique: how many stories, blogs i bet, movie scripts, text books, essays start with “I woke up”. cliches are sometimes not that bad. You will see. Notice that tense of being famous is past, giving the continuous effect. Ya. That too you will understand later.)

I admit it. Its mainly the spotlight that i like. Yeah, its all the leverage I get to do good deeds as well, but mainly, its the spotlight. I like the attention. The drama, the appeal ALL of it.

Dont get me wrong, I am not a power celebrity, just yet!

I am getting there though.. I consider myself (as do my loyal fans) semi famous. Not just because of what I accomplished, but mainly because I took the decision that “I was famous”.

I will consider this blog experience as my own little confession booth.

I love the power, the intimidating effect I have on people. Every morning I choose my clothes to intimidate and tickle the minds of all tastes. To provoke the females to a hint of homicidal thought, and the men to another felony, best not discussed ;)

I don’t know how this thing works, but I guess I will save it, go eat and return to continue.

After getting food in my tummy, I realized I had chosen the wrong picture for this page.

These blog things are obviously going to be quite tricky!

Screw Equality

15 04 2010
Screw Equality - Noha Wagih

Noha Wagih Screw Equality

Close your eyes and imagine the following.


It probably wouldn’t be easy to close your eyes and read the following would it?

So let me rephrase.

If you are kind enough to take out of your time to explore this reading material, I thought it would be nice to give you a small introduction, even if it is completely out of my nature to do so. I love surprises. Not as a recipient, rather, a provider.

I have constructed this reading material with no structure, as would be apparent to the naked eye. But it eventually builds up to quite some sense. It would be nice if eventually you would agree, and if you don’t, I believe it would be even nicer.

No, I am not a self sadistic person.

I love being admired for my work, or even gaining acknowledgment and awwhs of agreement for any product I provide.

But what I love more, is being the fuel that sparks interest, critical thinking and maybe even harsh critique.

Again, you may ask why?

Well, simply, I believe it is more unforgettable to cause revelations due to ping pongish conversations, than to state what is obviously correct.

What’s the deal with the pages?

I will be sarcastically sharing a point of view I believe in, I act upon, I live by.

It will be explored in a non structured, random, chaotic, non scientific primitive method.

I will be confused, confusing, Confucius, slightly condescending, not at all conclusive, just in the hope that my thoughts maybe contagious.

I will chit chat, share previous articles I have published in printed media, bitch about senseless intellectual wannabes, joke about past experiences, illustrate close friends stories (whom will stay nameless for obvious reputation reasons!), add some of my own insanely sane antidotes and maybe during all this manage to remember to make my point.

Together we will discuss the following:

· What it means to  be a female

· My early years of fighting for equality.

· What it means to be an Arab female with foreign upbringing

· What it means to be an optimistic youth, troubled woman, a female fighting for a reason to exist

· What it means to be human

Revelations regarding my conception of “feminism”, “equality”, “gender equality”, and just pure “stupidity” will be a main topic.

I will discuss my evolution from fighting the war of the sexes, gradually into the war of the self.

Self realization, self esteem, self awareness, self empowerment, self love and self loathing

I will not try to sound too smart doing so, to prevent from sounding too stupid

I will not bore you with philosophical theories anyone with internet access can find on the lamest slowest least efficient of search engines

I will not make everything sound so politically correct

Graphic language will be used, and R rated scenes will be illustrated

No editors or censorships will be allowed to delete, modify or “beautify” any of the content

I will try to prove I am a progressionist female in a passive world

I will prove I am not the only one

I will verify actions that have only received screams of disapproval

I will go on a trip called “crazy”…

I would like to take you with me.


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