Beautiful things

Truly Angelic

(sound track of THIS post, i.e: kindly click on the link above, and listen as you read)

1- A perfectly colored nail

2- “Give me money please” starts of the conversation between me and the little unhealthy toothed blonde girl begging in the street, leading to “i like school but my family doesn’t  have money for it”, ending with and unhealthy toothed wide smile and a small handed wave goodbye “i will see you tomorrow, right?”.

3- The pimple on my friends face reminding me that she is so much younger than I am, and still we have found in eachother a common place to interact.

4- The troubled face of an new friend (bride to be); the mouth tensed, the forehead wrinkled, the eyes looking for a perspective answer in mine.

5- The cute MUCH younger passerby giving me an appreciative – and much appreciated- glance of admiration.

6- The fresh breeze of air brushing through my hair in a humid night, the exact moment before I start to break a sweat.

7- The tiny fingers on the tiny hand of the tiny human to be in his mother’s arms walking beside her loving husband.

8- The number of hits I received yesterday on my blog.

9- The fact I am amazed this number of people have taken out of their time to click, enter and read my simple contribution to the cyber world.

10- The fact that those people, who are translated as a statistic to me, are a reason why I will try harder to add to my blog daily, not just when i am “inspired”.

11- That I am still awake until this late hour knowing I am not obliged to be the early bird.

12- The fact that I will be the early bird, not because I am obliged, but because I want to.

13- The fact that I will wake up tomorrow, if I wake up, to a lovely new day full of possibilities and opportunities

14- The beautiful musical composition I am listening to at the moment.

15- The fact that I have been listening to it on loop for a whole hour without feeling bored.

16- The fact I am no longer the restless easily bored spoiled princess I used to be.

17- The fact that I AM a princess, disregarding the spoiled attributes that title may be associated with.

18- The fact that this list can go on for pages and pages.

19- The glass of milk I just gulped down.

20- The 12 friends I met today.

21- Life.

22- The world.

23-  The fact that I can find all this beautiful.



  1. i loved number 23 the most 🙂
    and i love the fact that im planning to go over this again when i go home and remind myself of a lot of the beautiful things around me which i let my bad moods distract me from :/
    thanx 🙂

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