Things to do when you are REALLY bored, and REALLY lazy

Criteria of qualification:

– In bed

– A.C. on

– Satellite on to any lame show

– Laptop of BB or Iphone or whatever cyber surfing machinery

1- Google your name

2- Google your ex’s names

3- Create a fake facebook account and start harrasing your friends online

4- Create a fake facebook account and start stalking yourself on facebook. (Make sure if you are using this suggestion to be an exotic rich stranger)

5- Register yourself on Wikipedia (or Wikiname which is easier) as a prodigy hotstuff exotic politician

6- Search for your wierd name definition on

7- Start a blog

8- Invent a new language

9- Start a blog called “am bored and lazy at home, what should i do”

10- Read “negotiation and mind control for dummies”, then convince a family member to give you a massage then cook you an elaborate dinner

11- Find irrelevant mistakes on the channel or show you are watching and email channel executives with these mistakes. An email at a time.

12- Choose your favorite curse word and translate it into every language

13- Make up a new curse word

14- Read my blog and comment



  1. ok ive tried abt 5 of those already, cant wait 2 try the rest hehe 😀

    p.s. if we r not bored, we’re not allowed 2 read ur blog and comment ?! (A) 😛

  2. i searched up my name on ud ohh gosh…i was cracking up… apparently i destroy a mans will to live by repeatedly beating him with big pots lols =O

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