Provoking towards success: SAVE A LIFE TODAY

How to get what you want: Road to success – tips and hints

When an obstacle is in your path, and you cannot fulfill whatever the goal you were striving for, follow the following steps:

1- Remember each person who said it is impossible to achieve that.

2- Visualize each negative conversation you have ever encountered with the topic of “You? Of course you can’t”.

3- Remember: Think rationally being told to you by people who have not achieved even ONE goal in their life.

4- Remember: Think rationally being told to you by people who are highly successful but they obviously think they are MUCH better than yourself.

5- Remember: Think rationally being told to you by people who care about you very much and would like to see you the best person in the world but without the possibility of depression due to high expectation.

6- Remember: That time when you were brushed off, let go, not noticed just because you are “a nobody”

7- Imagine: How these people who brushed you off, let you go and not noticed you would react if they find out you have succeeded? Imagine how this will change their perspective on how to treat people equally in the future.

8- Imagine: If one of these people decides to help someone instead of letting them go, or brushing them off who actually needed the help.

9- Imagine that this person who got helped was in such need of help that when help was given, he altered his life path from depression leading to suicide, to gradual hope and success and eventually marrying a beautiful woman, giving birth to a baby who discovers and invents the cure for cancer.

10- Imagine if you stayed home and didn’t do all this.

11- Imagine.

Kindly get off your couch and go cure cancer TODAY.



  1. very nice, motivating, impressive and realistic specially the part of marring a beautiful woman and having a nice baby 🙂

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