Dubai Adventures… First timer’s guide

The moment I entered the airport, I knew I was going to love this place. All clean, organized and very high tech, so high tech that it took the customs guy a good 5 minutes to explain to me where the camera I should be looking at actually is located. I instantly imagined a laser beam shooting out of the tiny dot on the tiny stick scanning my face and the information office located somewhere hidden conducting a worldwide face recognition scan to check if I am a registered criminal entering under false pretenses, or if I am blacklisted from the country… That is not a confirmed fact, but with the degree of advancement in this country, I don’t think it is far-fetched.

On the ride out of the airport and into the land of opportunities (yes, I definitely think Dubai stole that title from the USA by far), I brace myself to see the marvels of the city of sky scrapers. The moment the buildings start to appear, and in the wee hours of the morning, even before it got busy, I could only think of one thing….

“This city looks brand new! Its like it was packaged and set up and ready to use. Spotless clean, as if no one has ever lived there, or kept by a clinically OCD person”

I am impressed, and cannot wait to see how deep does this hub of diversity and success go.

Here are some of my findings so far, maybe it can help a newcomer like me:

1- The flying metro thingy is AWESOME. Electric and computer operated, it is always on time, and a great way to see the highlights of the city.

2- Sheikh Zayed road goes through the whole city, right to Abu Dhabi. Solid proof of the excellence in planning. I say that remembering our direction challenged Cairo streets.

3- You cannot chew gum on the metro.

4- You will rarely find an indoor place where you can smoke, unless it is a bar.

5- Taxis are way expensive!

6- If you want to get a good job here, you better update your LinkedIn account and get a couple of good recommendations, headhunters and HR professionals use it as a reliable reference.

7- You can get some good deals and collect coupons through websites like among others, and if you are good at that, you can minimize your expenditures by 40% while maintaining 40% more fun!

8- Do not piss anyone off, if you get in trouble here, it is close to impossible you can talk your way out of it.

9- If you hit a palm tree, you will go to jail and pay a huge fine.

10- You can lose weight by just standing for 15 minutes in the sunny street. You will feel it literally melt away with the gallons of sweat you will excrete, from places you never thought existed in your body.

11- If you are a hard worker, and career oriented, you will be a big shot in no time.

I hope this helps for now, and I will keep you posted with my oh so blonde moments in my Dubai adventures.


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