Dubai (the not so superficial) Adventures..

Welcome mat
Welcome to Dubai

Well, it is now 2 weeks for me here, I think!

It already feels like home, even though I am not even close to being settled.

I have to share something though, prior to coming here, my close friends warned me of not getting too indulged with the “Dubai Experience”. When I researched a bit and asked around, I realized that people here tend to lose themselves in the superficial life, (a direct quote from more than one person who lived through it). I simply responded “if I managed not to lose myself at the Cannes Film Festival, then I am sure I will be ok!”

I came with a goal, I want a new and clean life. A good life where my humanity is appreciated and where my efforts and workaholic demeanor could be acknowledged and nurtured. And so far, I think I am doing well.

I have seen Dubai, the nooks and crannies as they say, and yes, I have seen the artificial aspect of it, but also the OTHER side. I saw the old Dubai, where the buildings go back 30 years. Yes I know that is not ancient, but it is insightful. I have met the people of UAE, who are so proud of their heritage, it is almost poetic. I have visited exhibitions with models of future buildings and yet more man-made islands, and through all that, there is always the pride of the heritage visible.

I have talked to cab drivers who came here to make a better life for their families back home, I have sat in gatherings with participants who EACH come from a different country, and the one thing that is in common, is that they all appreciate life, and know the meaning of hard work. Those who entertain these exact traits are always good company, as long as they have a good heart. It is not easy to find out the inner workings of every heart you meet right away, but this is always a good start.

I have seen so much hospitality and help from people I have barely known since I got here, it is sometimes too hard to believe! I gave myself a couple of hours to contemplate why I was blessed with such people, then I realized two points:

1- I have been surrounding myself with people of the “negative” and not so pure hearted core, that when I see the positive, it is hard to believe. But then I realized, well, maybe I have just paid my dues, and finally being sent angels to take me by the hand and invest in me as a human, with no strings attached.

2- I will not try to sound too egoistic as I say this, but I have been hurt so many times before by untrue friends, and people who try to take advantage of my sometimes naive nature (not anymore though!), that I had to train myself to let go of my “stray cat syndrome”. (Stray Cat Syndrome: I don’t even know if it is a real condition or not, but I like to define it as taking maternal responsibility of hopeless cases, with only one excuse, everyone has good in them, and I may be the only person who can really help). So maybe this is just God blessing me for 31 years of putting up with human evil and not losing track of the importance of keeping the faith.

In the efforts to get back on track with the subject at hand, I have to say one thing, it is never too late to make a fresh start, it is never wrong to desire change, and it is absolutely beautiful to embrace your inner intuition when it screams at you “YOU DESERVE A BETTER LIFE”.

Well, gotta go now to do some more exploring, and will revert back with more news!


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