If you walk the streets alone…

If you walk the streets alone, with no where in particular to go
If you sleep in a big bed made for two, with only your own echoes saying goodnight back
If you fall, with no one to catch you just in time
If your back hurts so much from the weight of the world on your shoulder
If your heart breaks 20 times a day without one “it will be ok” in the horizon
If you win the grand prize but don’t get one proud glance
Even if you lay on your death bed silently wishing the world goodbye, with not one gentle hand to guide you through
Remember, always remember
I will be with you
I was there before you, I have felt your pain
Fought away those same demons that claw at your soul every day
You are not alone
I am here with you
I may be gone, maybe never existed
But I am here for you
You are not alone



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