How to get online influencers onboard with your brand? All it takes is just a little FIRE

What does it take to get them on board?
A little bit of FIRE

If you know me well, you know I am a big fan of creating models and templates. One of my favourite exercises with brands through social media is getting the normal guys and gals that are active on platforms to get involved.

Ofcourse it takes long hours of strategising, planning and convincing (whether it is the client or the influencer) but I tried to sum it all up in the below model.

I mean,all you really need to ignite a movement, is just a little FIRE 😉




The promise of fame: through hosting their user generated content on brand owned social and digital platforms and become (unofficial) speakers on behalf of the campaigns


The proper briefing and alignment is key to getting it right

Contracts, guidelines, tailored tool kits etc…


Depending on creative concept, KPIs, and length of campaign, incentives can vary from monthly paid fee, up-to free products from partners (something the brand can use through partner relationships to make the cost a little bearable)


Providing the influencers with the tools that will motivate them to go the extra mile, and feel ownership of the campaign

Examples: access to VIP events/areas, mentions in PR activities with a twist. Ie: interviews in local lifestyle publications for their experiences.

Variations of enabling the voice of the people is to include them and their content as for example interactive  digital banners.




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