10 Hacks To Wake Up Faster 

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Snooze button – 10 hacks to wake up faster
Image credit: http://www.someecards.com

When you realize you have snoozed your way from 5:30am to 7:30am one too many times, you know something must be done.

Let’s face it, if you have the fast finger to snooze button syndrome, you must have read many articles that promise you the results you need to jump out of bed and face life with the first alarm sound. But if you are like me, you will have found most of the advice a bit hard to start with, all about changing your sleep cycle, jumping on a treadmill at 6am and the such. The advice is great, no objection there, but let’s face it, changing habits is not an easy task. So after some research and trial and error, I came to the below easy hacks to help get on the right track.

Here’s how I got over my snooze addiction:

1- SCIENCE WAKE UP CALL: You know all about sleep cycles right? When you are in deep sleep and your darn alarm goes off, it is quite difficult to jolt up in bed and welcome the day with a smile. So the trick is, wake up in your lightest sleep phase. But if you are like myself, and do not have the luxury of having a sleep therapist on staff, here is an app that will do it for you. #TriedandTested Sleep Cycle Alarm.

2- BRAINCERSIZE 1: This is a trick that works for me, because I experience frequent and vivid dreams. As soon as you wake up, try to remember the details in your dreams. It may backfire if you had a particularly nice dream, but push the urge away to drift back to dreamland to reconnect the prince/ess charming you just met

3- BRAINCERSIZE 2: I have downloaded some brain and memory exercise apps that help me jog my brain back to efficiency. Some of these apps are : Luminosity, FitBrain and Happify. They are simple and fun sets of quizzes that gradually increase in difficulty level. This tip works especially well for those mobile phone gamers that have been addicted to angry birds or candy crush at some point in time (an assumption and not scientifically proven).

4- GIVE ME A REASON: some may say this is an attempt to trick your brain but my ethical gut says it ain’t so. I shall go with my gut. I like fashion. So I chose my outfit before sleeping. That way, when I wake up, if I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else to look forward to, a little part of my brain does. So preparing something you love before sleeping will give you yet another reason to get up faster and get your day started. Applies to other interests too: food, prepare your meal or ingredients the night before. Reading: search for an article you want to read before you sleep, and promise yourself to read it as soon as you wake up.

5- BLOOD FLOW: you may have heard this many times before, but it works so here goes again. Shake ya booty. I am not saying jump out of bed and run 10k. Not saying don’t, if you do, then good for you! This part is for those who do not have a daily early morning exercise regime. While still under the covers, stretch your arms as far up behind your head as you can, and then stretch your legs in the opposite direction. Feels good doesn’t it? Come on do it now, even if you not in bed anymore it’s feels darn good. Next flip on your stomach, get on your knees and hands (like I horse) and arch your back up as far as you can go. Then arch it down as if you are a cat mid purr. This won’t only get your blood flowing, but will also stretch that spine and neck relieving you from any discomfort from wrong sleeping positions. I ain’t no doctor, but my physiotherapist “prescribed” this exercise when I had neck pains. Ofcourse, if you have serious injuries or experience pain during such stretches abort mission, I repeat ABORT MISSION.

6- ROUTINE CHALLENGE: here’s a tip I got from numerous healers. Set daily routine based challenges for yourself. Keep them simple and add something new daily. Example: my challenge for tomorrow is to wake up after only 12 snoozes rather than 15. Giving yourself an easy challenge that increases in difficulty gradually will feed your sense of accomplishment, and gradually train your brain to your new desired routine.

7- NAP: Apparently, if you nap regularly, your sleep cycle will adjust, and you will wake up feeling refreshed. Read more about the reasons here. Also here is a short guide to perfect the science of a nap.

nap guide
Image credit: WSJ

8- LET THERE BE LIGHT: Keep your shades open during the night. This will make it easier for you to adjust to the light in the morning, and subsequently faster to get your snoozing behind out from under the warm covers. Cliche but one of the most efficient ways to start the day.

9- WALK ME UP: Nope, this is not a spelling mistake. Here is an annoying app that will not turn off until you walked a certain number of steps. Download at your own risk Step Out of Bed. Not annoying enough for you? How about if the alarm only went silent if you spin your way out of bed? SpinMe Alarm Clock

10- HI THERE STRANGER: Here is an app that sounds creepy in concept, but actually works. Instead of an annoying alarm sound, how about a stranger calling from the other side of the world making sure you are up and ready to face the day? This app connects people who need a human voice to wake them with others who are ready to do a good deed in a 60 second call. It is an in-app call, and free. Check out Wakie.


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