Why You So Pretty Baku? 

Baku, Azerbaijan
The sea side promenade in Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan…

36 hours in this adorable little-big city is definitely not enough. We were invited to speak at a marketing conference organized by P World.

As we drove into the city from the airport, it was hard not to notice the contrast in the view. On one side, beautiful historic buildings, on the other, modern pieces of art that double as museums and government headquarters.

Why is #BakuBeautiful?

The future and the past in one frame

If you are an architecture buff, you will truly enjoy the diversity offered in Baku. From Islamic to Soviet, from Russian Imperial to Late and Post-Modernism architecture, there is something for everyone.

The food

Oh the food… shame the internet has not yet managed to give a preview of flavors in articles such as this one. The cuisine is a blend of Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Asian and more. Every bite I took was like a meal made in a multi-cultural home.

The Weather

We were there in May, and the skies were clear with a chance of rain. The morning breeze was such a refreshing change from my home of Dubai and the air we we were breathing seemed to be a purified version of that in other destinations I recently visited.

The People

At a glance the people of Baku seem quiet but determined. Once you get to know them, you will find a certain charm to them. On more than one occasion, as I was getting out of a taxi carrying bags, appears out of nowhere a young gentleman extending a hand of help and then disappearing into the horizon. The conference I spoke at hosted a majority of young professionals, all with great ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit that was very hard to miss.

Here is a pictorial summary of my visit:

Baku Promenade
Baku Promenade
Baku coastline
View from the big ferris wheel
Ferris wheel, Baku
The big ferris wheel, beside the big flag post
Flame Towers, Baku
The Famous Flame towers, towering over hundreds of years of history, Baku Azerbaijan
Baku, Azerbaijan
One of many little cafes along the promenade, Baku Azerbaijan
Just a normal street view

  This is a snap from Baku Airport. There were actual singing birds roaming inside. #Bliss #BeautifulBaku


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